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    Load FXG Documents at Runtime?

      Anybody know if this is possible?
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          GordonSmith Level 4

          The Flex framework does not support this, but it would be possible to write an FXG interpreter.

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            deepa subramaniam (adobe) Level 2

            The Flex team did have a parser class that would parse FXG at runtime and build up the right constructs such that an FXG file could be loaded and renderer at runtime. This parser was a test utility and has since fallen by the wayside, but would be an excellent project for the Flex Open Source community to take forward. If there is interest in this, please drop me an email: dsubrama@adobe.com and we can work to get folks set up in a branch to polish this piece of functionality.



            Deepa Subramaniam

            Flex SDK Engineer

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              I would love to see that parser class. Thank you!

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                nojyfied Level 1



                I am a developer at rocketboots. I have been working on a runtime FXG parser, we call XInstance. Actually its a more generic MXML parser.


                It supports "{}" (binding syntax), but doesn't actual bind expressions but only assigns id's.


                We use it internally to load xml models at runtime and convert them to modal classes.


                I didn't really know where the FXG classes existed in the flex sdk, so i was building all the FXG classes myself (already spent 4 days) and i realised today that the classes are distributed in the spark and mx namespaces.



                Its not yet open source, but its going to be in several days, once i get a proper FXG demo working.