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    Select latest catalogue back up but not all photos appear and they are greyed out


      Please help!  I had to reinstall windows 7 with service pack 1 due to constant problems with windows 8, all my photos were moved to a folder on the hard drive called old windows because it put windows 7 over the top of 8.  I have the lightroom 6 installed on my external hard drive, catalogues are saved on my C drive and photos themselves saved on C drive and also external drives.  I forgot that the lightroom program was installed onto the external drive and reinstalled it onto the C drive as all my programs were wiped during the windows 7 reinstall.  Using the lightroom on C drive I select the latest catalogue back up and it does not have all my photos there, not latest keywords and previews are greyed out.  Also tried not to upgrade catalogue when it asked and tried to select another catalogue but it won't let me, I have to upgrade the catalogue, I created copies of the catalogue before I did this, in case.  I don't know whether I can safely uninstall lightroom from my hard drive and use from my external again, I tried to use external lightroom on external drive and the same problem, I don't have all photos there.