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    2 Footnote issues.


      Hi, I need help with 2 footnote issues I have. 


      The first, the footnote text won't move up the page when there is enough room to do so.  I did a search on google and came across a site which said to make sure baseline grid in text frame option is off.  Mine was off.  What else can I try?


      Second, I copied and pasted my work from one indesign doc to another and the text frames are no longer linked.  So, my footnotes start at number 1 for each page and aren't continuous.  Can I fix this?


      Thanks in advance.  Chris

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without a screenshot showing hidden characters it's hard to tell why the footnotes aren't filling up the blank space.


          At a guess, though, this could happen if the next line of regular text contains references to two footnotes. If there isn't enough room on the page for the entire first footnote plus the first line of the second footnote, InDesign is forced to move that line to the next page, leaving a gap. If that is the case, a solution would perhaps be to combine the two footnotes into a single long one (with editorial approval, of course!)


          Second question: You can't fix it really, no. Every new InDesign story will cause the footnote number to revert to 1. If you want consecutive numbers, you'll have to link the text frames.

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            Midgygar22 Level 1

            Thank you TaW, all's good now.