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    Problem creating links


      I am doing the beginners tutorial but I can't get the links created.  When I click on the word to be a link and drag across in properties to the page I want to link to in the files folder the link box just goes blank straight away again.  How to I get it to work?

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          David_Powers Level 7

          I don't know which beginner's tutorial you're following, but it sounds as though it was created for an older version of Dreamweaver. Selecting words in the Document window and using the Point to File icon in the Property inspector works only in Design View. To switch between Live View and Design View in DW CC 2015, click the down arrow alongside  the Live button in the Document toolbar.




          By default, Dreamweaver displays pages in Live View. To add a link to text in Live View, you need to enter Edit mode by double-clicking the element that contains the text. This surrounds the text element in an orange border. You can then highlight the text that you want to turn into a link, and add the link by clicking the chain icon in the Quick Property Inspector. You can either type the link address directly in the field that appear, or you can click the folder icon to browse for the file.