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    Why is edge animate loading in German?

    Amsphere Wills Level 1

      Hi All,


      I used it late last year and it was fine, I have since had my computer upgraded at work but when I installed and loaded it up today it's all in German.


      Now I have checked the forum and cam across this correct answer from del@living-group


      "after endless uninstalling and reinstalling, using the adobe cleaner, i have found the answer:


      • Log in to your account in a web browser go to the cog with the word "account" under it then change your 'Preferred Communication Language' to 'English (United Kingdom)'

      • Now open any other Adobe program that is still displaying in English (I used InDesign) go to the 'help' menu and 'sign out (user user id here)'

      • Quit all software you are running, restart your computer then open edge animate again (you should be prompted to sign in)

      • Everything should now be in English again!"


      I did this and it didn't work. I have uninstalled, reinstalled cleared out files updated my account details etc. but nothing. I even installed the 2014 release and still it's in German. I am running out of things to try