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    RoboHelp ASP

    jdcyclone1 Level 1
      I have been tasked by a client to come up with a way to use a RoboHelp help system to create .ASP files that can be secured. I have searched the message boards and see a few other people have also had this question.

      Does anyone know how to change a project to asp instead of html in order to require login? What file would I need to edit or add an include?

      Are there any solutions that work any better when working in a .ASP environment??

      I have RoboHelp 8, and am just trying to come up with the best possible solution for my client. Thanks!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I'm not sure if anyone has ever made a RoboHelp HTML output work as an ASP.


          As I understand it, ASP is rather dynamic in nature. RoboHelp HTML will output static pages. I'm not sure how you would make that work.


          Cheers... Rick 

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            jdcyclone1 Level 1

            They came up with a back up solution that didn't require any file manipulation. A little redirect magic was just put in place, and it gave them an acceptable solution. I'm glad too, because it could have turned into a nightmare!