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    Slow start to recording

      I ran the free trial version of V.4 for a while, and then paid for upgrade (I had V3 before). Since paying and entering serial number, I've noticed that it takes a very very long time for a recording session to start after I select Record--several minutes. I believe this was not happening before I entered a serial number, and it certainly doesn't happen with V3, which is still installed. Another anomaly is that when I finally start to record my web application, the recording buttons are visible, but the red box is underneath the browser. (I'm trying to record just a part of a web app.) In other words I can see the red box only if I move the browser (either Firefox or IE 6). One possible wrinkle is I have dual monitor display, with Captivate on one monitor, and the browser I'm trying to capture in the other.
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          ralph_W Level 1
          I timed the Record start-up, and it's actually 33 seconds until the red buttons appear. But when I try to record a new slide after completing one recording session, it takes just exactly 2 minutes to get the red buttons back. This is versus almost instantaneous recording in Version 3
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Welcome to our community, Ralph

            See if what is outlined in the blog post below will help?

            Click here to read

            Cheers... Rick
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              ralph_W Level 1
              I did the procedure, and everything seemed to go well, but sadly there is no change. Captivate is very slow to record, and there are some other problems with recording.
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi Ralph

                Sorry but I'm gonna have to use my favorite F expletive! Frapdoodle!

                Well, about the only other thing I can think of to suggest is to try deleting the Captivate_v40.dat file. On my XP box it is found in this location:

                ?:\Documents and Settings\??\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Captivate

                ?=Installed drive letter
                ??=Your logged in user name

                If you close Captivate, then rename or delete this file and restart Captivate a fresh one will be created. Please give this a try and see if it helps.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  ralph_W Level 1
                  Frapdoodle indeed! Thanks for your commiseration. I tried deleting the .dat file based on another post, and that did not help. I'm wondering if I should uninstall and reinstall from the disc (I originally installed by downloading the trial, then plugged in the serial number when I paid).
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                    Hi Ralph. I feel your pain. The EXACT same thing is happening to me but with a licensed copy (not the trial version). I installed Captivate 4 on Wed (yes, April Fools Day) and each time I start it for the first time on a day it takes over 30 seconds to load. If I then close it and reopen it, it is fast to open. I have done the installation fixes for XP and you're right, it doesn't fix this problem. I'd like help with this problem, too.
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                      ralph_W Level 1
                      eNerd--sorry to hear you're having the same or similar problem, even though misery loves company. Mine is more related to how long it takes to start recording, along with some other recording issues, and it doesn't help if I close and reopen, but it's possible we could be having similar root cause.

                      I'm wondering if dual monitor setup, or some video issue, could be a factor.