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    Is there any way to speed index generation?


      InDesign CC 2015 October

      Windows 8.1


      I have created the index entries for about 250 keywords throughout a 500 page book (letter size pages). It took 4 days to do so. I started "Generate Index."


      Index generation took 6 hours. That's right: 6 HOURS. At first I thought ID had crashed (yet again). After a couple of restarts, I left it to run all night; it finally completed. Subsequent generations gave the actual run time.


      Weirdly, generating an index is not compute bound, I/O bound, network bound, or any other obvious resource limitation. It is as though ID inserts idle times just to (further) infuriate the user.


      Six HOURS to create an index is absurd. There is no reasonable excuse for such a result; just really bad programming. There are other aspects of index insertion and creation I could rant about, and I will spare you.


      Is there any way to shorten the index generation?