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    Can I create a dialogue box to autopopulate a series of text boxes?


      Is there a way to create a dialogue box that will autopopulate a series of text boxes that are setup within master pages?


      I am trying to create an InDesign template for my co-workers to use when creating and sending proposals to clients. My ideal workflow would look like this: my co-worker opens the InDesign template, "save as" the new proposal, opens the dialogue box that was custom designed by me to ask questions like: user name, client name, date, type of project, project site address, etc... Once they fill out the dialogue box, then all master pages that have various text boxes where client and user info should go will autopopulate based on what they fill-in, then they edit check, and send.


      Is there a better way? And also, to what extent could I do this? For example, could I even have it autopopulate with a series of saved pages, saved images, and saved masters based on the project type?


      Please help! Thanks a lot!!