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    How to create a running scoreboard for recorded sports games




      I've been recording my son's basketball and soccer games and posting them to YouTube for the parents to watch back and also for the coaches to use as a learning tool. To make the viewing more pleasurable and easier to follow I was hoping there was a way to overlay some type of scoreboard to the videos that could keep track of the score and possibly the time as well. I'm thinking that keeping the running time for soccer is more plausible than basketball, since its a running clock from beginning to end of each half.


      Thanks in advance for your help.




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          What version of Premiere Elements, what computer operating system?


          Lots of ideas. General concept for one approach

          a. create your scoreboard graphic in the Premiere Elements Titler or in Photoshop Elements.

          b. create title files created in the Titler above the scoreboard graphic so that they are positioned sequentially staggered (train fashion).

          .....the key to creating these numbers for the scoreboard title files is to create the first and then always work from the duplicate (not copy) of the one before.


          Is this scoreboard going to stay on screen through the game? Or will it appear at the end of each of 4 quarters (basketball) or at the end of each half (soccer)?


          Please consider. Do you need supplemental information to carry out the above? Please let me know with more details, and I will work on a demo to post in your thread.