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      Adobe forms do not work unless one switches OFF proxy server. Other apps work fine but not ADOBE !!! Why?

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Adobe is a company. It produces many products. Which product are you using? Desktop or Mobile? Which version (including minor), on which platform, which OS and its version?  What exactly are you trying to do? Please, provide as many details as possible. Specifically, what do you mean by "Other apps work fine"? Which apps?

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            Ketan-NSL Level 1





            We had IE9 running on VISTA with Adobe professional.


            We have governments forms which have email as ID and password. These forms are designed to allow us to start an application for a licence etc.


            Once we supply password on this adobe form, the internet is accessed and id verified etc.


            We have web proxy server and all internet activity is filtered and no problems encountered.


            Then the process allows filling the form and submit the same.




            So far no problems.




            We upgraded the system to Windows 7 and Adobe DC – professional.


            The same form now comes with error 142 or 144 and it cannot connect to internet anymore.


            Somehow proxy is not being authenticated !


            Tried all the remedies such as timeout parameters and other information from the WEB search, but no solution.




            The only way this works is if I switch off web proxy for the system in question.


            This defeats the purpose of having such security. I trust you will agree.




            Why can the new version of adobe not work with proxy servers?




            Even the reader is not able to update from behind firewall/proxy.




            Surely there is something that Adobe does not cater for, such as proxy – Why?




            I have had a chat with ADOBE online also and someone is supposed to call me back sometime – I hope.




            I raised the same query some time ago and the technical person could not understand the issue and dropped it.




            I hope this get the resolution as many others are facing similar issues from what I see on the Web as problems – but no solutions.




            Thank you and regards.












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              IsakTen Level 4

              This is a good explanation but you did not say which Acrobat version (including minor) you were using prior to the upgrade (you are probably now using IE11 as well). The older Acrobat versions (like 8/9) had security flaws which were gradually fixed in later versions. Windows 7/IE 11 also fixed many security flaws. It is possible that you just exploited some security flaw in the earlier Acrobat/Windows version and now that this security hole got plugged your workflow does not work anymore.

              I am not an expert on proxies but I know that Acrobat engineering tests them. Perhaps there is some setting(s) that you need to add either to Acrobat or/and OS or/and IE but I do not know what that would be. Keep asking Adobe Support.

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                Ketan-NSL Level 1



                Yes the old version was 8 and IE9 etc running on VISTA.

                I do not agree that the previous setup worked because of the flow.

                It seems that the new versions with win7 and IE11 has a flow in that it should work with proxy facility but somehow it does not.


                I do not think ADOBE software engineers are able to resolve as they themselves do not know the answer or even the reason.

                They just do not call back - just shy away from the problem hoping it will disappear.

                This is the second time I have initiated the problem and after taking to them via chat line - I was promised a call back in 24 to 48 hours but noting yet !


                I am waiting for a solution - like many others !

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                  IsakTen Level 4

                  I do not use proxies in my setup. Therefore I cannot reproduce the problem to see what's going on. Be persistent with Adobe Support and maybe they will respond to you.

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                    Ketan-NSL Level 1

                    Well, Adobe support has not responded although it was promised for 24-48 hours.


                    Like before, we will give up and they will send me daily email to rate their non response to confirm that the  case is closed.


                    Does ADOBE support really exist?