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    Turning off color management

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      I have just purchased a Canon Pixma Pro 100S which I'm using to print black and white images. I'm finding the prints have a variety of colour casts, depending on the paper used. My monitor is calibrated correctly, and there is no colour information at all in the images (duotone or gradient tint etc). In trying to understand what is happening I first need to understand the message I am getting in Lightroom's Print module.


      In its Print Job Panel, I am using the following settings to print:


      Print Resolution: 300 (Printer's native resolution)

      Print Sharpening: Unchecked (I've sharpened manually)

      16 Bit Output: Checked

      Profile: Canon PRO-100S 1/2 Photo Paper Pro

      Intent: Relative

      With these settings, I get the following warning at the bottom of the panel:


      When selecting a custom profile, remember to turn off color management in the Print dialogue. Black Point Compensation will be used for this print.


      Note: I'm using OSX with Yosemite.


      When I click on the Printer… button below the Print Job Panel, I see the print dialogue, but I see no way to turn off Color Management for the printer. I can choose 'Color Matching' from the select box, but both 'Color Sync' and 'Canon Color Matching' are greyed out (with 'Color Sync' selected. I can choose 'Quality & Media' from the select which lets me choose a paper type.


      So if I want to manage color from Lightroom, what should my printer settings be exactly?

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          I'm having the same problem - II just got a new mac and can't figure out how to turn printer color management off...or on for that matter.  (Its straight forward in Windows).  I read somewhere that LR on a Mac ensures that printer color management is turned off when LR is doing the work but have no way to verify.  Any ideas out there?

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            After receiving absolutely no response or help from Adobe, I asked a question and received comprehensive answer here: canon - How can I turn off printer colour management when using Lightroom? - Photography Stack Exchange


            Definitely worth reading the answer in full, but in short, if you choose 'Print' from Lightroom's Print screen then Lightroom manages print (and you don't need to turn off Print Management as it happens automatically). If you choose 'Printer ...', then you need to set your profile etc. in the print dialogue.


            In short, rather than take the time to write a printer-specific message, or even an OS-specific message,  the Lightroom engineers opted for a generic message that makes no sense when users have a Mac and a Canon Pixma Pro 100. Got to say I'm not surprised given Lightroom's downward spiral of late, but annoying nonetheless.


            If you are getting unexpected results I would suggest printing a black and white image without any duotone and make sure you have the right paper profile selected and the paper type selected. If your image has a color cast, I would suggest there is a problem with your printer.