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    Lighroom 6.2.1 images does not close and all images turning grey. How can I solve this?


      I keep on getting severe problems with LR6.2.1, already spended many hours on it:


      - First my images turned black, this was initially solved by unchecking the auto tone option, as suggested on this forum. This was ok for a while, but now they all started to turn grey, unless I click on each image in library mode. This is how my screen looks now:

      Schermafbeelding 2015-11-03 om 21.29.27.png


      - Closing the application is not possible anymore. LR freezes on closing down and even waiting for hours does not help. Forced to 'Force quit'. After restarting same problems.


      - LR keeps on using 95% of my computer resources. My MacbookPro is unusable slow while LR is running.


      Never had any of these problems with LR3, 4 or 5!!! I was a very content user for years, up till LR6. It takes a lot of valuable time and gets me very very frustrated.


      Computer: Macbook Pro, quadcore i7, AMD GPU, 8 GB RAM, 50+ Gb free SSD space, latest OSX