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    how do you convert presenter presentation to video?


      Can this be done through Video Express?

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          RicherRags Adobe Employee

          If you have a Powerpoint deck that you want to present to; you can than use Presenter Video Express to record the presentation deck and yourself (via webcam and microphone) simultaneously. And after recording, the tool will allow you to mix the two streams as desired and create a single video and also allow for editing operations like trim, pan, zoom, adding annotations etc. The output of Presenter Video Express is an MP4 video file. And with the new Presenter Video Express 11, you can also add in-video quizzes; replace the background, add video effects, etc.


          If you already have Adobe Presenter, then you have Presenter Video Express as part of that. But for your information, Presenter Video Express is also now available as a standalone application (without the Powerpoint plugin) on Windows and Mac

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            ziff64 Level 1

            How is this done? I don’t find it in any tutorial on Adobe.com.  Do you have to run the presentation in your web browser and then capture it as a screen capture? When I click on the video tab in Presenter, as instructed in one tutorial it just shows the one slide with no audio. Please advise.


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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              To be clear, Adobe Presenter Video Express (APVE) does not convert your Adobe Presenter projects to MP4. There is no real solution for making that conversion in Presenter. APVE can capture your screen and webcam/audio and you can do a live capture which can be edited to show your screen and/or webcam and then be authored out as an MP4, but this is different from your original question.


              You could look at using Adobe Captivate, which also will take in PPT content and let you add audio/video/interactive content to it, and that tool does output as MP4. It is like Presenter's big brother. Not sure which is an easier/better solution, but if I were needing to make the switch I'd probably go with Captivate over APVE for this need.


              Of course you can always use a screen capture tool to capture the playback of presenter and make an MP4 that way.