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    Printing book/lab spot colors 'Not Implemented' error

    djbgraphicdesign Level 1

      Hello everyone, back again haha, same script.


      Every once in a while I would get a non implemented error when I tried to print. I was able to narrow it down to exactly what was causing the problem, the spots from the pantone solid coated library. These spots are book/lab color-mode as opposed to cmyk. When I convert them to cmyk, the script would work without an error. 


      Technically the line that has the error is line 35 when it is printed, but from further trial and error I found out what is really causing it is when I try to give the new separation options an ink list in line 27. This will work when the spots are all cmyk, and it will have that 'non implemented' error when there is a spot with a lab color. Here is a snippet of the problem.



      docRef = app.activeDocument; 
      app.coordinateSystem = CoordinateSystem.ARTBOARDCOORDINATESYSTEM; 
      function printPostScript() {  
          app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DONTDISPLAYALERTS;  
         var jobOpts = new PrintJobOptions();
         var opts = new PrintOptions(); 
          opts.jobOptions =  jobOpts;  
         opts.PPDName = 'AdobePdf';
         opts.printerName= 'Adobe PostScript File';
         var sepOpts = new PrintColorSeparationOptions();
         sepOpts.colorSeparationMode = PrintColorSeparationMode.HOSTBASEDSEPARATION;
      //here is the error
         sepOpts.inkList = docRef.inkList; 
         opts.colorSeparationOptions = sepOpts;
      docPath3 = decodeURI( '~/Desktop/comps/' + 'dud' + '.ps' );  
               jobOpts.file = File( docPath3 );  
              app.activeDocument.print( opts );  



      So yea, not sure why that is happening. I am able to print lab spot colors fine through ui , not sure why the error is there, do I need to convert them through script somehow? or is there some kind of setting that would fix this?


      Thanks in advance!