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    Too pixelated lines...?

    Keltik89 Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I hope to find some kind of solution to my issue here.


      I love to draw on this app but I have faced a problem...


      So, I have PSTouch for a while already and so far I have come to accept the heavily pixelated lines as the side-effect of my cheap tablet.

      But then I decided to download a free drawing app, where my lines were as smooth, that it almost rivaled that of the Ps desktop version... Which made me realize, that the extremely pixelated lines in PsTouch isnt the fault of my tablet but the app itself.

      Is there any kind of setting I can adjust there to make it less pixelated, because it is horrible, I tell you. It is as if I was using a pencil tool instead of a brush, which I am sure the Paint Tool represents.

      I have already tried messing around with the Stylus 'drawing' and 'pressure' settings but none seem to work.


      Can anyone help me? I am seriously considering just getting rid of this thing now.


      Thank you.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          I never really had any problems with pixelation but then again I don't use PS Touch for the purposes of drawing. Are you zoomed in when you draw? That would definitely give the appearance of pixelation because it's not at 100% view. (To quickly get to 100%, take three fingers and tap the workspace quickly.)