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    InDesign CC crashes when packaging


      I am trying to package a book with 4 very small and simple documents.  When I try to package the book, the process goes through all the steps for each document in the book, and when it gets to the point of packaging the links, it crashes.  The only link is one .eps file on one page of one of the documents.  There is no indication anyplace else from InDesign that there's anything wrong with this .eps.  I've tried packaging 5 times now, sourcing the link from different locations, deleting other copies of the link that were hanging out outside the page frame, etc., but it still keeps crashing.  And the resulting package does not include a Links folder.


      Why is this problem happening, and how do I make it stop?

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          smoothsea Level 3

          Hi Juliet,


          Firstly, check that the filename of your eps does not contain any characters which might call Indesign to fall over (eg / or :). Secondly, have you tried using a file format other than eps? eps is not really supported these days - if your image is a vector, then you can place a native Illustrator file into Indesign. If it's a raster image, then you can place a native Photoshop file in Indesign.