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    Is there a way to preserve Map IDs when upgrading from older versions of RoboHelp?

      I'm trying to add some new topics to an existing project that was created with an older version of RoboHelp for Word. It's for a JavaHelp layout. When I went to add Map IDs to the new context-sensitive topics, I did not see any Map IDs for the previous context-sensitive topics. I found this note on the Edit Map IDs dialog Help:

      "If you upgrade to a new version of RoboHelp, your developer must change the help calls to enable importing context text strings from previous versions."

      Is there truly no way to preserve the Map IDs and associated Map #s from projects created with older versions of RoboHelp? There are several hundred context-sensitive topics in this project. Recreating the Map IDs will require a lot of testing of our software to verify the Help links and delay the project. Is there a workaround? Or do I have to revert to the older version of RoboHelp?

      Does it make a difference that I'm using RoboHelp 7 HTML rather than RoboHelp for Word?