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      Hi. I am setting a key on my Application.cfm page so that others cannot see the ID numbers I'm using in our database.We have some RFQ's in the database we keep track of along with contact information. When I get to the page to display the RFQ info., I receive a 500 internal server error. When I look at the exception log, it says the Element KEY is undefined in APPLICATION. I'm not sure why it's saying this since I have it on the Application.cfm page. We are upgrading to a new server and this has something to do with either that or we are also updating to Cold Fusion 11 from Cold FusionMX7 at the same time. This works fine in our old server and MX7, but now is not working in the new server and Cold Fusion 11. This is what I have on the Application.cfm page: <cfset application.key = "izmOQ7WTXbaDSw5RQaVWaA==">  I have some code on my display page that says this: <cfset encrypted_string_Socket = urlencodedformat(encrypt(Socket_App_ID, application.key, "AES", "base64")) />

            Does anyone know what I need to do to get this encryption key to work correctly? Did something change from MX7 to 11 that I need to do? I've tried dumping the key on the Application.cfm page with this:


      <cfdump var = "#application#">



      But all it returns is this:









      It should have output the key, right? Can anyone help me? Thanks.



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          I finally figured out what my problem with this key was. I just had to change the name of the application or probably restarting the server would have done the trick too. Either the key or the name is cached and that's why it was not working correctly.