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    Red or not red .......?


      I noticed that in a photo what I knew to be red rgb (255, 0, 0), was not red in LR5, the histogram told me it was red AND some green and blue. So I made a really red square in Elements and imported this in LR, without any import or export settings that could change the color. Whatever way I tried, whatever format, red (255, 0, 0) became 75, 35 13 (more or less) in LR. I don't understand what is going on ........

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How are you calibrating your monitor? Changes like that are usually due to a bad monitor profile. This is especially prevalent on windows machines where display drivers can sometimes install bad profiles that really mess with the color rendering in Lightroom. Lightroom is especially sensitive to this where many other programs might just ignore the profile.

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            Luidspreker Level 1

            My monitor is calibrated (with Datacolor spyder). But that is not the point, I read the rgb color from the histogram in LR, so whatever my monitor, it should be 255,0,0, as I made it in Elements. Red imported from other programs (Corel PP) also changes when imported in LR. When I 'look' at this red in Faststone Image Viewer it is 255,0,0. So what is LR doing, or what do I do wrong, or what do I not understand? Thanks anyway!

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Aha. That is normal. Red 255 in other programs are usually red 255 in the sRGB color space. Lightroom shows numbers in a special colorspace that has prophotoRGB primaries and a sRGB tone curve. Since sRGB red is far less saturated than prophotoRGB red, you should be getting different numbers. If you want to know the colors in sRGB, turn on soft proofing and read the color there with your cursor. The colors between elements and Lightroom should look identical though except when your screen calibration is not good.

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                Luidspreker Level 1

                Yes! I just checked. But really I knew you were right when I read your answer. Thanks!