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    LightRoom Fill Light & Recovery Tools

    richardsullivan Level 1

      My second iMac died and I now mourn the loss of the old version of LightRoom which I refused to update that had the AMAZING Fill Light and Recovery tools. On my newer MacBook Pro I had to deal with the limitations of the newer so-called "improved" (yeah, right) version, so 90% of all my photo processing was done on the old iMac with the old LightRoom. I have been restoring photos for decades and the Fill Light and Recovery tools were simply awesome, delivering sometimes miraculous saves and improvements. The replacements are a terrible substitute, despite what many of those drinking the Adobe Kool Aid claim. The fact that the new replacement tools were not added as an addition but were instead a replacement of the Fill Light and Recovery tools speaks to the arrogance of the Adobe powers-that-be who think they know better than the customer. What could have been simpler? I want these tools back. Adobe had really dumbed down LightRoom in this regard. And after processing thousands of photos I don't need to hear anything from the disagreeing peanut gallery. Bring back these tools.