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    Watermark feature not working


      I am using the most up to date version of Lightroom CC (just updated today).  I had been successfully exporting photos with a watermark for a few weeks when it suddenly stopped working about two weeks ago.  I go through the same motions of selecting which watermark I want and exporting, but when I open the exported file after, there is no watermark on it.  I have both a desktop and a laptop, so when it stopped working on my desktop version, I installed CC on my laptop and was able to resume watermarking there.  However, I'm now having issues with my laptop as well, so now I must figure out what the issue is!


      I have searched and see that numerous other people have had the same issue but none of the suggested solutions have made any difference for me.  Any insight anyone can provide would be very helpful!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi pattyh




          Lets check whether it is font related or not.

          Please Try creating a new watermark using Edit Watermark

          Make sure the opacity is set to 100%

          Choose a font large font and font type like Arial etc

          Let us know if that works


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            pattyh66199966 Level 1

            Thanks so much, Akash!  I should have mentioned that the watermark I was trying to apply was an images (PNG file).  I followed your instructions and the text watermark worked perfectly.  When I was in the watermark editor, I realized that my image watermark was not even appearing in the image preview, and then subsequently that the image was no longer selected.  I had moved the file to a different folder on my computer, though I thought the watermark stopped working prior to that.  I probably will not move the file again, but just out of curiosity, will I need to reselect the file in each watermark option anytime the file path of the PNG file changes?  Thank you again!