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    HELP!! 2 External Hard Drives crash... is there a way to download the images from LR w/out original source?


      I have a Seagate 320 GB and a 1 TB External Hard Drive, suddenly in the past two weeks both of them have stopped reading on my laptop and desktop computers. I'm a photographer and publisher and have imported over 15,000 images since downloading the software in March. As both of the external hard drives are not reading Lightroom will not let me work on any of the previously imported images because the "image folder could not be located".


      Every time you import into Lightroom it says that it is copying and importing the images, therefore, I was wondering if there is a way to access these images to download on a new hard drive without having the original files available?


      I currently have 4 clients that are awaiting images and Seagate wants $1300 to extract the files from both my external hard drives. If I could access the previous catalogs at least I would be able to get my clients their images and stop the financial bleeding from this technological blow. If anyone can help me retrieve the files I've imported into LR I would be forever grateful!!


      Kindest regards