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    Local File Browser

      I am trying to design a file explorer or can I open the file explorer for the local hard disk/networks drives to allow a user to select a local file to upload to the server via flash? If anyone has examples or what code I should be looking for please help..

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          Rothrock Level 5
          It is only available under Flash 8 and I think it is called the FileReference class. So look in the help files under that. There should be code examples. And as always when trying a new class it is a good idea to read all the methods, properties, events, etc. And then make a brand new fla and try it out before you try and work it into your current project.
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            You can use FileReference object to allow a user to select a local file.

            This example help you.

            but, you cannot get a path of the file a user selected because of Macromedia security policy.

            I was disappointed at the fact.

            If anybody find a solution of this problem, let me know it...

            import flash.net.FileReference;

            var objFile:FileReference = new FileReference();

            but.onPress = function(){

            var fileHandler: Object = new Object();
            fileHandler.onSelect = function(refFile:FileReference){
            box.text = refFile.name + "(" + refFile.size + ")";}