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    Stop audio/video on iPad

    PR24 Level 1

      I created a catalog with the following structure.


      (In truth it is much more complex but I simplified into 2 sections)


      In symbol1a I have a video but if I go to symbol1b or symbol2a I keep hearing the sound of the video in symbol1a.

      Only with Safari on iPad. With Chrome or Firefox on PC or Android everything is ok.


      If I step from symbol1a (with video) to symbol1b (without video) I use this code that I added in symbol1 under the label symbol1b:

      sym.getSymbol("symbol1a").$("video")[0].volume = 0.0;


      If instead I step from symbol1a (with video) to symbol2a (without video) I use this code that I added in stage under the label symbol2:

      sym.getSymbol("symbol1").getSymbol("symbol1a").$("video")[0].volume = 0.0;


      And all this works well except for Safari on iPad.


      If I move on the timeline of symbol1a with label I can stop the video and audio, also on iPad, but if I leave symbol1a and step to another symbol not working.


      How can I stop the video going from one to another symbol on iPad?





      Then I have another problem on audio and video, but this time on browser.

      I use in this brochure 6 videos and 2 audios in total, one for each section.

      When I load the page, while I see the preloader, I hear one or more audio/video starting. After loading is finished and I start to see the homepage of the brochure, all the audios stop.


      I tried activating the pre loading of audio and video.

      Then I tried disabling the pre loading of audio and video.

      Now is active.


      I tried also with this code at the beginning of the stage

      sym.getSymbol("symbol1").getSymbol("symbol1a").$("video")[0].volume = 0.0;


      and this code at the beginning of the symbol1:

      sym.getSymbol("symbol1a").$("video")[0].volume = 0.0;


      and also this code ath the beginning of symbol1a:

      sym.$("video")[0].volume = 0.0;


      I set at the beginning of layer video on symbol1a:

      - pause video

      - deactivate video layer

      - set volume 0

      for all the videos and audios but don't work.


      What can I do?