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      Hey gang,

      I put together a background in Photoshop, dropped it into Fireworks and added some text and photos on top of it. The background image includes a photo w/ linear fade, a logo and a stack of 4 boxes with drop shadows in the top right corner where I was hoping to put the basic Site Navigation (Home, About Us, etc..) How do I export text and background so I can maintain text scalability? Or should I be coming at this from a completely different direction? I'm sure it's super rudimentary, but I haven't found much help from online tutorials on this specifically.

      Have tried to slice just the background image and set the Properties Inspector Slice Type option to 'Background Image. But, opening in Dreamweaver and trying it in a browser, the text cannot be scaled..

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          If I understand you correctly...


          If you export your entire document, then yes, you will get a single image and images do not contain text.


          If your goal is to have a background image and be able to align scalable text on top of boxes in your background image, then I would definitely choose a different approach. You'd need to be a CSS expert to pull that off.


          What would be better is to export your background image without the boxes and then to come up with some way of placing your navigation above the background image. You could use a table or a div with a background color or a repeating background image and scalable text within the table or div. Why do you need your navigation items to be scalable? Many sites use images for naviation menus so that the design is fixed.


          Whichever method you choose, you should do it in Dreamweaver. You'll be designing HTML or CSS, not graphics, so you'll want to look up tutorials under those topics, not Fireworks. Fireworks is not a Web page/site development program.