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    server behavior select list not working


      I was finally able to get my server behaviors back into Dreamweaver CC after losing almost 2 weeks of productivity. Adobe really dropped the ball on removing this widely used feature. Anyway, now that I have this functionality back all of my server behaviors work EXCEPT my dynamic Select List behavior that worked just fine in Dreamweaver CS5.5. All I'm doing is reading a customer code from a customer table in a MySQL database and using that code to go against a client codes table to display all the codes/descriptions, highlighting what the customer's current code is. On this update form the user can then select a new code which will update the customer's record in the customer table. This is pretty straight forward and I know how to do it. However, it does not work in Dreamweaver CC. The only difference in my CS5.5 version and new CC version is that I'm making my site responsive, <!doctype html>, bootstrap.css and www.w3schools.com/lib/w3.css. None of which should make a difference. All of my other server behaviors (i.e. text, radio button) work just fine in Dreamweaver CC. HELP!!!!!