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    Does LR actually recover photo highlights upon import automatically?

    ViatheLens Level 1

      I am requesting that a staff person answer this question, please.  Someone I know who teaches LR says this, below, and I want to know if this is correct or not correct?  I did discuss this with a tech from Adobe in the past and he said it was not correct, but would really like to see that said in writing so that I can be certain.


      Thanks, Connie.


      "When you’re evaluating highlight detail in Lightroom (or Adobe Camera Raw), keep in mind that ever since version 4 Lightroom has had automatic highlight recovery. If it’s possible to recover overexposed highlights in a Raw file, Lightroom does so automatically upon import. So if you import an image and see pixels pushed up against the right edge of the histogram, that means the highlights were too overexposed to recover. "