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    Fixed layout epub crashing in ibooks on load and on video play


      I'm working on creating training documents for my company. We decided that epub was the way to go - as it is portable and also offers interactive content (video, images, animations, etc).

      The document has about 10 different short/small videos (about 25 mb at most) in it - compressed to Apple's guidelines. It is important that we have video content alongside the text content - or else we would have just created a traditional PDF.



      Right now I am having a problem where the fixed layout epub we are creating crashes in iBooks.

      • In iBooks on the mac, the epub works fine. It doesn't give errors when in developer mode.
      • In iBooks on the iPad, the epub loads, but crashes when a video is played.
      • On the iPhone, the epub's first page loads and then it immediately crashes.


      I can not share the file for troubleshooting, unfortunately. It's for internal use only.


      What should I be doing/looking for to troubleshoot this? I've been googling and reading on it with very little success.


      (Also, the fonts render horribly large on a lot of epub readers. Does Adobe test for this across epub readers? It seems like a pretty basic problem to solve.)