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    Best way to get from tif in photoshop to pdf in Indesign?


      Hello helpful, kind people,


      I scanned some pencil drawings at 400 dpi last night.


      Then I opened them in photoshop, adjusted the brightness a little, and saved it with layers as a tif.


      Then I wanted to set type over them (and I think typesetting in photoshop is annoying so I wanted to do it in InDesign).


      So I pulled the tifs into indesign. They're blurry on screen, or course, but I assume that's just because it wasn't displaying them at full resolution to make the program run faster.


      But when I set some type on it and save it as a pdf, the images are definitely less crisp compared to the original tifs. The type is sharp, though.


      What's up with the pdf? Was this the best route to go?


      Thanks in advance.