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    SWF Exporting Quality

    kitster79 Level 1

      I imported several graphics into my FLA as PSD files. These PSD files look great in the FLA, but when I export so SWF, they look terrible. I have uploaded the two examples for you to see what I mean. The one on the left is an image version (which looks great), and the one on the right is the SWF (which looks bad)....


      Anyone know how to make the SWF export the PSD file in the Flash file so that it looks as good as the image on the left?

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          blullama Level 1

          Right-click on the bitmap in your library and click properties. Check "Allow Smoothing" and check "Use document default quality" (if not already checked) (optional... You can set the quality of the image here, but it will be for just this one image rather than a global setting) You can also choose no compression. Click OK.

          Then click File, Publish Settings... Under the Flash Tab, adjust your JPEG quality to the desired level (The default is around 80). Publish your graphic and it should look pristine.

          Also, you can adjust the PSD import settings in the Edit->Preferences section. These settings only apply to the PSD format.
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            blullama Level 1
            One more thing. You might consider having flash flatten the image on import rather than importing the layers. Of course, that's not an option in you are planning to animate it. But sometimes that helps everything stay together and prevents the showing of seams.
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              kitster79 Level 1
              Thanks for you time. I got very excited regarding you post as I did not know about the things you recommended and was sure it would solve my problem - unfortunately, it didn't:(

              Any chance I could send you the FLA to look at?