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    Suggestions/Advice on a shot

    StormyCPb Level 3

      Hi, there's a chance I'll have to comp a 'camera passes through a wall ' shot together soon in AE, however it would be a dolly shot perpendicular to the wall, following actors as they go through a door, rather than a push through head on. I have an idea how to do it; film and dolly, stopping the camera right up to the wall, film the other side, dollying away from the wall, then do the transition transform in AE, patching in the wall texture, but I'm a bit concerned about matching the camera speed/movement and also the continuity regarding the actors.

      I wondered if anyone had suggestions, or had advice on this? With location limitations, 'film it instead' may not be an option, but one I would recommend myself

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          StormyCPb Level 3

          Would shooting 4k and doing the whole move myself be an option?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Better question: Would shooting without any wall whatsoever be an option? Typically such stuff is done in full CG or on specially built sets where walls can be removed... Otherwise shoot it with at least two (identical) static cameras with overlapping views and then create the motion and transition in AE.



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              StormyCPb Level 3

              I was initially hoping no wall would be an option too but its an interior to exterior shot and the location is up in the air at the moment so trying to cover my bases. I'll suggest a few different takes, including yours thanks, and also a body rig following the actors through the door too!

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The biggest trick is designing the shot so that you come close to filling the frame with the wall at some point.  If you are following someone that is walking it is not going to be too difficult to make the speed match. The hardest part will be matching the actors body position or you do the transition.  As long as you keep the same angle and distance from the camera to the actor you should be able to match up the actors body position so that you can make a seamless cut between the two shots.  Then it is just a matter of a little Roto and a dissolve. I have done several of these with film cameras And lined up the shots in an optical printer.


                If you have the option to shoot a little wide in 4K you'll have a better chance to make a seamless transition without the use of a motion control rig.

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                  StormyCPb Level 3

                  thanks for the advice Rick, that's good to know.