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    What interactive components are available in a fixed layout ePub3 document?


      To start: I'm using a Mac running on Yosemite version 10.10.5.

      When attempting to create the fixed layout ePub3 document, I'm using Adobe InDesign 2015.1 release

      To publish the ePub3 document, I am using Adobe Digital Editions, the version varies depending on the file, but would likely use version 3 or 4.



      So, I have a workbook that I've been given the task of turning into a fillable document that can be published online as an eBook. The workbook has review questions with each chapter, and this is where the interactivity would come into play. Ideally, I would love to integrate fillable text boxes, radio buttons, or maybe drop down menu options. I've attempted to find answers about if this is possible, but the only answer I received was that text fields are not supported by fixed layout ePub3 documents. This is leading me to question, what interactive components can actually be supported by fixed layout ePub3 documents?


      Would it be a better option to use a program other than InDesign? When searching, I found that there really is no industry standard program for creating interactive ePub documents, but the majority of people mention using InDesign. This majority also mentions that InDesign isn't very reliable for creating these documents.


      Does anybody have any answers? Anything that might be even a little bit insightful. I've been going in circles for months now and can not find a solution.