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    i7 - Xeon - others? what choose?! Please Help!

    shadowrun Level 1

      Hello, I have a quick question.

      What would be better:


      1. i7 5960X + Gigabyte UD5 + 32GB DDR4


      2. 1x Xeon E5 10 Cores + Asus WS + 32GB DDR3


      Now I have this:

      i7 4930K + 32GB DDR3 + Gigabyte GTX970 OC Gaming 4GB + ASUS P9X79 PRO + Power Supply 750W + 2x SSD + 3x HDD 1TB.


      Is it worth it to buy the Xeon? or i7?

      He needs a good performance!


      I work with FullHD and 4K material.

      Thank you for the tips and sorry for my English.