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    Robohelp 10 Corrupt Project File Issues


      What's unfortunate is that I'm not a seasoned veteran at RoboHelp so there's likely much that I don't know, which may or may not be common to RH users. I'm in a hard spot though as I've encountered a known issue regarding a corrupt .cpd file issue when trying to boot up the project: "Your project file is corrupt and cannot be opened. Try deleting this file and reopening the project". ..


      I tried deleting the .cpd file and reopening the project, but then it displays "An error occurred while trying to read data from (P:/... [the network drive the project files are located on]... and mentions a specific 'report_information.fpj' file] " Then it says an occurred trying to read data from a 'rhfontset.apj' file (this is all occurs in a row when trying to load the project after deleting the .cpd file).... It seems that this is a common resolution (or at least a commonly advised one) so I'm simply reaching out to the experts to see what my options are for someone that is not an expert in the software - generally, my interaction with the program is involved with updating topics, formatting, etc. and generating the new file after updating.


      As we update this file somewhat consistently, obviously time is not abundant, but I'm in a serious bind now and I know that I'm the one with the most knowledge of the program, which of course isn't much.


      Any advice would be appreciated and/or if anyone would like to take a look at the files, I'd be glad to.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Try copying all the project files from the P drive to your local C drive. Then try opening the project.


          The problem is likely a slow connection between your computer and the network.


          I recommend creating a folder off the root named "Projects". ( C:\Projects ) then for each project, create a folder inside that.


          Cheers... Rick

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            srm2007 Level 1

            I appreciate the help friend, but I actually tried that already and it didn't work out. I just obtained the Adobe Creative Suite disk so I'm going to try reinstalling, but I'm certain it's more complicated than that.

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              srm2007 Level 1

              I think at this point I'm just starting to ponder what would be the best way of proceeding to start a new project and maybe import as much as I can from the old project (styles, topics, images, etc.)

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                JaredHess Level 1

                Yeah, if you copied it to a local drive and it's still happening, something is likely messed up with your project itself.


                Do you only get error messages with these two files?




                Or is it with a bunch of different project level files?

                What about .htm files? Does it happen with topic files as well?


                If it's just those two files, there may very well be some corruption on those files. You might be able to open each inside of a text editor (I like Notepad++) and see if the xml structure is screwed up. You can probably even run them through an online XML validators such as: XML Validator

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                  srm2007 Level 1

                  Yeah, it's with a bunch of different project files... that was after deleting the .cpd file and trying that. It usually would just keep bringing up different ones until he program froze up (seems it's not hard to do with RH in a large project.) I've already begun with a new project. At least so far, I've been able to import topics, the style sheet I created, etc. so it could be worse.


                  I'll be giving everyone I know and their dog a backup of this project next time.

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                    JaredHess Level 1

                    Sounds good. That was going to be my next recommendation. Create a new project and start reimporting things a little at a time, backing up with different backups as you go in case something is causing corruption you can roll back to a previous back up if needed.


                    We have our documentation under source control (we use open source Mercurial) so I can just roll back to an earlier day if things get out of hand. That has saved my bacon a number of times.


                    Good luck!

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                      srm2007 Level 1

                      A programmer here said the same thing, to get my pc set up for source control - at least that will be helpful in the future. Though I'll likely also be manually creating backups all the time now. Still adding things, but so far so good. So far, it seems that it was either a corruption in the project file or maybe in multiple 'communication' files, such as the .hhp or .hhc ones. Thanks for the help.

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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                        My practice has always been to run a backup program that zips my projects

                        at the end of the day. I prefix the filename with the date in YYMMDD format

                        and prune from time to time keeping the last in the month and significant

                        milestones such as a software release.