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    anything that I need to do with ID files before sending project to publisher?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      I'm very close now to sending off my Adobe InDesign files to the printer/publisher that will be turning digital files into a hard-cover hard copy of a book.

      The printer has asked for the Adobe InDesign project file and the actual photo/graphic/etc. files that go with it.  That particular folder is very large, because I took hundreds of pictures and whatnot—I only used some of them, of course, but the rest are still in the folder.  I'd hate to have to go through the whole thing to winnow it down to just the files I used, because that would take a long time... But do I need to?

      When I open my .indd project file, everything links perfectly to the big data folder (I know there's a better name for this but I can't think of it right now) on my computer.  But will this work in the same way if I send the printer the two files on a 64-GB USB key?

      (we both use Mac, so that might help).

      I thought I should check before sending anything off.  I dread the thought of getting a call, saying that when they launch my .indd file, they get 266 errors (or even one errow).

      Printer is in a different city, which makes things a bit trickier.

      thanks for any advice, as always.