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    Why is Lightroom CC not saving all developments to PC / disc on Windows 10?




      I'm fairly new to Lightroom and this is my first post on the Adobe community - so please excuse me if anything is wrong!


      Following a photo shoot at the weekend, I imported the photos into the Lightroom library and then made several 'basic' edits in terms of exposure, saturation etc.


      I then used Photo > Edit In > Edit In Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 to copy them over to Photoshop where I added my watermarks and saved to my PC (Windows 10) as JPEG files.


      So far so good. After burning these to DVD and performing quality control checks, an issue has come to light.


      When opened using the Microsoft 'Photos' programme, the majority of the images do not show the edits I have made in Lightroom (some do though).


      Yet, when opened using the 'Windows Photo Viewer', all show the correct edits - but seem to flash up with the original unedited image for a split second - then revert to the edited version.


      Not the end of the world - but equally not ideal to have to tell the recipient of the photos to only open in Windows Photo Viewer.


      Any ideas?


      If it helps, I shot in JPEG not RAW, on a Canon 5D Mark III.


      Thank you :-)