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    Execute Shell Scripts from ESTK

    williamadowling Level 4

      Hello again, friends.


      I've been writing a script that takes team/roster information from a sales order and inputs the information into the artwork i've already created. I've got the script working just fine as far as accessing the file from our local network, but my web team has informed me that it would be an exorbitant amount of work for them to access the information from our online order tracking service (netsuite) and write a file to our network.


      So the head of the department suggested that i access the roster information straight from netsuite. I've looked everywhere and it does not appear that ESTK has the ability to do this.. So I'm turning to the idea of running a shell script, but i need to do so in a way that works with Mac and PC (because i'm not 100% sure where these scripts will be executed). So that throws out AppleScript and VBScript. So my next thought was to use Python.


      can i use file.execute() inside of ESTK to run a python script? If so, should that work cross platform? The entirety of my need is to access a particular URL that contains plaintext JSON and return the result so that I can parse it into something useful.


      Any thoughts? Is Python a bad idea? Is there a better solution?