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    **Huge performance Issues*** Lightroom CC - MacBook pro 15" 2015

    Maik Rudius

      Hi everybody,


      i bought a brand new MacBook pro Retina 15" 512GB SS AMD GPU last week.

      After 5 days i returned it because the fans were so noisy while working (in Lightroom) and battery going down way too fast.


      Today i finished setting up my second MacBook and the problems returned as soon as i started working in Lightroom.

      Thirty seconds after starting to browse and rate Pictures CPU Load goes up between 300 and 400% and the fans won't stop blowing at full speed.


      Been on the Phone with apple half of the day, but they couldn't help.


      I then tried installing Bridge and the exact same thing happened.


      Then i tried Photo Mechanic 5 to view and rate the pictures, NO PROBLEMS at all... Fans didn't even start to move a bit.



      Since this is the second MacBook, i doubt that is hardware related.

      None of the people i know, using a MacBook Pro and Lightroom have this issue though...


      I really hope someone is having an Idea on how to solve this....