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    Use Adobe presenter on Mac


      Sorry for the totally novice question -


      I am looking to develop an online course but I use exclusively Macs at home. It seems that Presenter is not Mac compatible - is that correct? Is Video Express a similar product - how do they differ? What other options are available to me?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Adobe Presenter is a Windows only plug-in to PowerPoint, which allows you to add audio, video, and Flash content to PPT slide decks. It also has the ability to add quiz and interactive content. Then it publishes the presentation out as a Flash (SWF) or HTML presentation, or both, which can be placed on a web server, LMS, Adobe Connect, etc. and delivered online.


          Adobe Presenter Video Express  is a tool for both Windows and Mac OS's that does a simultaneous capture of your screen and webcam and allows you to edit together the capture as just your webcam, just your screen or a combination of both. You can also edit in other video assets. Then it publishes out an MP4 that can be distributed through whatever means you see fit.


          Does that help clarify?

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            RicherRags Adobe Employee

            I would also like to add that the new Presenter Video Express 11 allows you to create in-video quizzes and when you publish such a project you also get a HTML5 player along with the MP4.

            You can deploy this output on a webserver or any SCOEM compliant LMS, if ytou are interested in student tracking and LMS reporting.

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