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    Edge Animate Book?


      I am looking for a recent, solid book to help in learning Edge Animate. I have done some tutorials on Lynda, but thy don't think they go very in depth. Does anyone have thoughts on decent manuals for learning Edge?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I do not know about any book specifically but check out EdgeHero.com and my site for tutorials.

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            Ethelwild Level 1

            Hi Mitch!


            Do a search on Amazon for "Edge Animate book" and You will come up with quite a few, some newer than others - but most are not "recent" (2012-2013 is typical).


            Two Examples:


            "Adobe Edge Animate: Using Web Standards to Create Interactive Websites 1st Edition" by Simon Widjaja came out in Dec 2013, though the inside pub date says 2014.

            The reviews are enthusiastic.


            "Adobe Edge Animate: The Missing Manual" by Chris Grover (O'Reilly, Nov 2012). I purchased this book in 2013 and love it. And, using this book as an example, I think it is still valuable, which probably applies to many other Animate titles as well. There are some interface changes and upgraded capabilities in Edge since the Missing Manual came out, but the underlying strategies are still the same IMO. A well written book.


            Also, if You are somewhat new to jQuery (I use the 2014.0.1 release of Animate which requires jQuery), "JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual" by David Sawyer McFarland (O'Reilly) is an invaluable companion to any book or tutorials about Edge Animate. I have the 2nd Edition (2012)... there is a 3rd Edition (October 2014).

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              mitchb65846607 Level 1

              thanks redesign and Ethelwild for the great resources. I'll definitely dig into all!

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                alastairl59035287 Level 1

                Lynda.com does some good courses, you can get a free trial to glean all you can.

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                  mitchb65846607 Level 1

                  have a Lynda account, they only ever seem to scrape the surface.