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    User of TCS- getting error when launching Captivate

    adrianaharper Level 1
      I am a TCS user, which comes with Captivate. I have been using FM and RoboHelp for sometime now... and now we want to start using Captivate. When I go to launch Captivate off my start menu, I am unable to do so- I get this error: "This Product is already installed as a component of Adobe Technical Suite Installer. If you want to install it as an individual product please remove it from Suite." My only choice is OK, so I choose that. Then it tries to configure Captivate with the little installer ICON, the message re-appears, I click OK, and the whole thing does this about 3 times until it closes.

      I am able to launch Captivate out of FrameMaker- but again, when I try to save a project, start a new one, etc. I get the same error message and same cycle. I need some help please! Everything else in TCS seems to be working correctly...