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    Cannot Select Chat Option


      Hey there,


      I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but my experience trying to contact Adobe support has driven me to madness.


      When clicking the link to go to the "Contact Support" page, I fill out all of the necessary information and then get a box saying that the best thing to do would be to contact chat. The only problem is that there is nothing inside of this box that is clickable in any way. It tells me that chat is available 24/7 and that I should contact Adobe, but does not give any actual link to click to initiate a chat. I went through a few other forum posts and see that most people are given the link to go back to the contact page that walks you through the troubleshooting flow before delivering you to this useless chat option that doesn't actually provide a way to chat.


      If anyone has had any luck with figuring out a way to resolve this, please let me know; it's driving me insane!