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    Using external mic in Premiere 13 for Mac


      I can use my external USB mic with other software, such as Audacity, just fine but cannot get Premiere 13 for Mac to use anything but the built in mic (which sounds awful). Is this a severe limitation with Pre 13, or is there a solution? I am running Yosemite on a Mac Power Pro.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Have you updated Premiere Elements 13 to 13.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates?


          What specific microphone are you using? Classically Premiere Elements has problems with USB microphones. For recent versions, some claim that is an old issue. I have no list of microphones tested by Adobe for use with Premiere Elements Narration Tool USB or the usual go to of microphone that plugs into a computer jack.


          What is the specific problem with the external microphone that you are using - no sound, not recognized devices, distorted narrations, other? Are you saying the the microphone built into the computer is not usable because of sound quality? When working with the Narration Tool, have you tried doing the recording with the Mic Sensitivity slider moved all the way to the left?


          Have you checked the settings under Edit Menu/Preferences/Audio Hardware ASIO and Input and Output tabs? If you can get the Narration Tool dialog open and you click on the microphone icon at top right, do you find that it is set for the same microphone source as is selected in the preferences Input?


          Please consider and supply more information.


          Thank you.



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            BobL52 Level 1

            Greetings again, AT.


            I bought an Insignia Desktop microphone that works perfectly fine in Audacity and Quick Time. The Adobe folks did eventually force the mic to work, but it was a kludgy effort and resulted in extremely poor quality sound. Basically, Premier 14 (which I am now using) did not recognize the external mic, even though in MIDI, it was set up to use the device. I think I am going to file a bug report, as from your email, it sounds like this is an ongoing problem. Better to fix what doesn’t work well than to grind out another “upgrade” with the same problems.


            Using the built in  monitor mic now works fine, but it sounds like I am talking from inside a garbage can, plus it picks up undesired background noises, which is why I wanted an external mic.


            I will try and do some screen captures tomorrow to illustrate some of the problems. You are asking some good questions, which will help me file a bug report as well. Otherwise, I am really beginning to like Premiere Elements (for which I have invested many hours of time to learn to do what I want to do). I used my new USB mic to dictate this email on my Mac.


            Again, thanks for your interest.


            Bob Leilich


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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Bob Leilich


              Thanks for the update on recent developments with Premiere Elements Narration Tool and your Insignia Desktop microphone situation.


              You have probably been there and done that, but, just in case, the following is the link to the Adobe document on creating narrations with its Narration Tool.

              I have one laptop (operating system Windows 10 64 bit) that has a microphone built in. I cannot do narrations with this Tool in Premiere Elements without moving that Mic Sensitivity slider all the way to the left. If I do that, terrible sharp loud noises blow me away. It was that way before I upgraded that computer from Windows 8.1 64 bit to Windows 10 Home 64 bit.


              On my desktop computer I have a desktop microphone that plugs into a computer jack. A winner for my Premiere Elements narrations. Your microphone setup sounds impressive.


              Looking forward to your results as your schedule permits.



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                BobL52 Level 1



                After exhaustive work, following up on the attempts by Adobe techs taking control of my computer, I did get the external USB mic to work in narration, but the sound is absolutely awful compared to even the tinny built in display audio mic. I am attaching some screen shots of various setups showing that the USB mic does not show up in Premiere 14 preferences.

                MIDI Input Screen2.png


                As you can see, the Insignia USB mic is listed in the Premiere 14 MIDI setup screen.


                System Prefences USB mic on.png

                Here, you can see that the mic is setup, ready to go in Yosemite's Sound preferences

                Pre 14 Hardware Setup.png

                Now, after starting Premier 14, the Insignia mic does not show in Premiere 14 Hardware up - it still sticks with display audio.

                Pre 14 Output Mapping setup.png

                Same problem with Output Mapping.


                I made copies of recordings using the Display audio mic and the Insignia mic using Adobe Premier 14. I also made a copy of the vastly superior quality sound of the Insignia USB mic using Audacity. Is there anyway I can forward these wav files to you? My direct email is BobL53@att.net.


                I really hope Adobe can fix this. I invested $7 grand for My Mac Power Pro, including software, spent hours learning to work with Yosemite (happily ditching 20 years with Microsoft), and was counting on Premiere Elements to finally let me create and edit movies without the frustrations I experienced on the PC using 32 bit software. I am totally happy with Premiere Elements 14 the single exception of adding quality sound narration to my videos, without relying on creating the narration with other software and importing the sound into Premiere 14.


                Thanks for all your help. I hope we can get Adobe's attention to this issue. I would be glad to directly help them any way I can.