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    Publish Online - Cannot upload

    jhsca Level 1

      I am having a very difficult time publishing a document to Publish Online. It's only 24 pages long, and the fixed layout epub version is only 31MB, but when I upload, it takes about 18 mins to get to 98%, then waits there for about 3-4 mins  finally giving an error message "an error has occurred, please try again". Not a helpful error message :-)


      I have tried 5 times to do this in the last 2 days and getting nowhere.


      My Internet connection only has 0.5 MB/sec upload, but even so I FTP 30 MB files in a a few minutes with no issues.


      I am trying to send the images at High Quality but only at 72 ppi. For the finished product I will need 150 ppi and max quality.


      Is my experience unusual? 

      I would love to know what I could be doing wrong.