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    Adobe Lightroom CC 2.1 I utterly slow.


      My GPU is unchecked in preferences yet my 2 (Yes 2) Sapphire 290's with 8GB EACH on my Asus Rampage III Black Edition with the First Gen 990 X 3.47 CPU,  is laboring like I'm editing a Star Wars film. Yet I am simply trying to tweak some Raw's. 

      I am really getting to the point of finding another program.  I NEED SPEED!!!!!!!!


      I've tried disabling plugins, making a new catalog, working directly on images on my SSD desktop. EVERYTHING.   I've read hundreds of posts.   But sadly, no.  NOTHING WORKS to make this work like it did with LR 5 and I'm PISSED OFFFF!!!!!



      Chuck Danas