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    Plese help me find my missing edits

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      I just lost hundreds of hours of work, and I'm a bit baffled at the moment how to get my edits back. I'll try to be as clear as possible so you.



      1) I have a folder on my external where I store all my travel photos. This folder with part of the the subfolders were imported into lightroom.

      2) I wanted to add another subfolder from the hdd to lightroom but struggled doing that. So I thought I just create one in lightroom and link it with "Update Folder Location"

      3) That didn't work out quite well, and somehow I managed to get all the other remaining subfolder which were already in Lightroom within this new one. But now the folders were greyed out. Normaly I would just have drag&droped them back to the original location within LR but it told me that isn't possible because it can't find the photo. Even clicking on each of the greyed out folders and manually link them to correct location on the hdd didn't work.

      4) So I deleted the whole folder with the travel photos in Lightroom and re-imported the whole thing from my hard disk. I thought all the edits and ratings are stored in the xmp. files which are in each subfolder among the photo files, but I can't see anything of my edits.

      Help is very much appreciated before I go fully crazy.