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    Please Help, Lightroom Catalog Recovery Methods.

    wpro9 Level 1

      I currently use:


      - Macbook Pro

      - Lightroom 5


      About a week ago my Mac operating system crashed. I was able to recover data from my hard drive, including previously backed up Lightroom 5 catalog files. However, when I try to "import from another catalog" on Lightroom's file menu, I get an error that says, "Lightroom cannot import from this Catalog- The catalog does not appear to be a valid Lightroom catalog." The catalog has 346MB of data, so I know there's data on the .lrcat file, but Lightroom will not allow me to open it. This is also the case when I try to import files from a previous backup .lrcat file that only has 96MB. I have set the admin, user, staff, and everyone privileges to Read & Wright, however I'm still unable to access any data in Lightroom. The .lrcat file is the only file in the backup folder. This is the case with every previous backup file, and Lightroom folder within the backup drive (I've set those files' privileges to Read & Wright as well).


      Can somebody please help me, or offer advice as to where I can locate a service that will help me recover these photo edit settings? I've lost over 7000+ photos that I need for work (I'm a professional photographer).


      Aside from enabling permissions and re-installing an older version of Lightroom, I don't know what else to try.


      Has anyone had this problem before/is there a Lightroom catalog recovery service that can help me?




      Lightroom Catalog.jpg

      Lightroom Cannot Import.jpg