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    Lightroom not seeing photos on external hard drive


      So my laptop hard drive is full.  I bought a western digital passport external hard drive.  I created a folder on it and moved some photos from the laptop hard drive to the external hard drive.  I did all of this from within Lightroom.


      But now Lightroom doesn't see the external hard drive folder in the library.


      If I try to add the folder using the + sign it will open up the folder in the import window, but all the photos are greyed out and say 'this is a duplicate of a photo already in the catalog'.


      Seems like the photos are there but it can't connect to them somehow.


      I also tried taking a new photo and importing to the folder it won't see.  It will then load that folder in the library but with only that new photo, and none of the others that are on the folder.


      Would appreciate any suggestions.  I am def new to Lightroom so there is a chance it is user error   What am I missing?