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    Photos disappeared from the folders after working in Lightroom





      I am a professional photographer and use Lightroom for the photographers' subscription.

      During a month I added photos from my new camera to the special folder on my laptop.

      Several days ago I mentioned that L works really slow and certainly has troubles. The disk and memory space was enough for the normal job, but ! L didn't make backup normally that time, I had to close it "directively" (this problem still till the present) but the main problem that all my files from one folder disappeared! Already edited "high-resolution", prepared for printing and photo exhibitions. RAW material which was unique 'cause I never can repeat these shootings. With my assistant we tried to restore the lost files using the special software but without any success. Also we can see that it is not possible to use the previous syncronized archive in the cloud service and I'd like to know what was done wrong and why it is happened. And - any chances to restore the lost?..



      Thank you in advance for your assistance.